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Mr. Chandra Sekhara Achar Chairman
Mr. Chandra Sekhara is graduate in Arts and a Retired Army Officer, currently on-board of IT Company and comes from a family background of south regional films. He comes with thirty years of experience in both Army and Management. He mentor's teams in San Studio.

Mr. Sandeep Sekhar – Managing Director
Sandeep Sekhar is a post graduate in management and runs successful businesses in Information Technology, International Trading & Media. He is experienced in Managing Global Operations and enjoys vast international network of business relations. He drives Growth, Vision & Strategy for San Studio.

Mr. Shawn Mendonca - Chief Technology Officer
Shawn Mendonca, has over 23 years of experience in the IT business covering Solutions and Consulting of various software products, solutions and applications in the areas of Banking, Financial Services, Payment & Loyalty Management, ERP, Business Intelligence, software projects and custom application software.


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